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Scenturion® is a clear, flexible, micro-coating fortified with pure Nano Silver which is formulated to kill 99.9 % of the microorganisms which cause odor and infections in athletes. Scenturion eliminates all the causes of odor.

The real genius of Scenturion® is that every time an athlete wears their equipment, which has been sprayed and allowed to dry, when their sweat reaches Scenturion’s Nano Silver it reactivates the silver producing silver ions that wipe out all the microbes on the gear. The More You Sweat,The More It Works®

Unlike other sprays, Scenturion® does not have any added fragrance. Gloves etc. won’t smell like pine or citrus when you use it. A fragrance will only mask odor temporarily. That’s why other sprays have to be constantly reapplied.

Scenturion® is non-toxic. Athletes who suffer from allergies are sure to benefit from using Scenturion® because it does not emit any harmful chemicals often found in deodorizers that mask odor with potentially harmful fragrances (essential oils). You could treat a toddler’s shoes with Scenturion – it’s completely safe!

Spray Scenturion® on until the item is damp. When it is first applied the odor will go away almost immediately but allow it to dry before wearing. For example, if you wear skates before they are dry the socks will Wick off the treatment. Simply retreat when the odor returns.

About 90% of the equipment odor is caused by bacteria which is killed by the Nano Silver. In addition, Scenturion® employs spherical encapsulation at a molecular level for the remaining odor. These microspheres surround the molecules of other substances causing odor and seal the off their odor. Scenturion eliminates all the causes of odor.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-toxic
  • Fragrance free
  • Activated by perspiration
  • Will not make gear stiff
  • Contains no volatile organic compounds, chlorofluorocarbons, or ozone depleting materials
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