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Original price $849.99
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Skate Fit & Stiffness Profile
The AS-V Pro has been designed to fit closer and much stiffer than other CCM lines. To provide the most support to strong skaters, the skates bolster a 215 stiffness rating, the stiffest of all current CCM skates. Stiff skates may be tough to break in and use at first, but they are best for skaters with big strides and won’t wear down as easily, even if you are skating most of the week. With the Powerflex tendon guard, new to the Tacks line, you can still achieve a wide range of motion despite the skate’s stiffness. The tendon guard not only adds that extra maneuverability you need, but it’s also tough and lightweight to keep that area protected.
The AS-V Pro comes in the following fits:

  • Tapered (Narrow forefoot, narrow heel, low volume)
  • Regular (Mid forefoot, mid heel, mid volume)
  • Wide (Wide forefoot, wide heel, high volume)
This skate is completely thermoformable, meaning it is moldable and responsive to heat. Baking and fitting the skates while heated will allow them to fully adapt to your foot shape.

Boot Construction
The one-piece boot is constructed with premium-grade RFM composite with carbon to withstand intense skating sessions and strides while giving you that closer feel you want in your skates. It is also both tough and lightweight to greatly enhance that energy transfer directly through the skates and into the ice.

Liner & Internal Padding
CCM included memory foam ankle padding, a Seamless Comfort finish, and a TotalDri Pro+ liner into the AS-V Pro to keep the skates feeling close while eliminating as much potential discomfort as possible. Stiffer skates are highly recommended for those who want to reach the highest level, which means it’s important to speed up the break-in process as much as possible. With the memory foam and added comfort liners, the skates come with a head start toward that elite, closer fit that you want in a skate.

The 7mm metatomic replaceable tongue enters the Tacks line from Jetspeed to offer you the best fit possible along the front of your foot. It’s been designed with an asymmetrical flex point, so it can wrap better around your ankle and foot, and the multiple layers and D3O foam work to keep you protected and comfortable all game long.

The AS-V Pro has been outfitted with a lightweight composite midsole and molded CCM Ortholite Ultralite footbed with Heel Grip in the back. CCM also integrated recycled EVA foam in the footbed to enhance cushioning while supporting efforts in sustainability through reusing material. Both the midsole and footbed have been engineered for toughness and comfort to better support powerful strides, all at an incredibly light weight, and the Heel Grip in the back helps keep everything in place while you skate.

Steel Runner, Holder & Blade Profile
CCM constructed the AS-V Pro with their Speedblade XS holder and blade lock system. This holder is ideal for keeping your blade locked in place while making it easier and more efficient to change the steel in a pinch. This skate requires you to choose your own STEP steel. The options available include:
STEP Blacksteel: The highest-performing in the renowned STEP steel line, STEP Blacksteel is made of the highest quality steel and coated with a layer of carbon nanoparticles to achieve a finer, harder edge that can withstand more and perform better. Make sure that if you are using a skate stone, you use one that is compatible specifically with blacksteel and mirror finishes.
STEP V-Steel: This polished, mirror-finished steel is engineered to enhance glide by minimizing friction between the runner and the ice. The finish also strengthens the steel, so it can endure more skating and longer ice sessions. With a better glide, you will be able to reach your destination on the ice much quicker and with more efficiency. Similar to Blacksteel, make sure you are using a skate stone that is compatible specifically with mirror finishes.
STEP Steel (standard): Just because it’s the “standard” STEP steel runner doesn’t mean it’s any lower quality. STEP has always set a high standard in their blades, and that is no different here. Whether you go for a more specialized runner or the standard, you can rest assured you’re getting runners of the highest quality.

One of the most noticeable updates made to the AS-V Pro was the amended outer design and graphics. CCM rolls out new colours and text logos to represent a fresh start to the line in 2022. In addition to the modern, techy styles on the side of the boot, you’ll also notice the new gold graphics to replace the old yellow, as well as the clean “Tacks” and “AS-V” redesigned logos all throughout.
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